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Android Email Setup for Faculty and Staff

To access your e-mail account with an Android, please follow these instructions. (Please keep in mind that the appearance of these steps may be different based on the device that you are using, however the general steps should be similar.):

  1. Navigate to Settings > Accounts and add a new Corporate (or Exchange) account.

    Add account

  2. Enter your email address and password and press next.

    Enter email and password

  3. If configurations do not go through correctly and require a manual setup, enter the fields as following:
    Domain\Username Richmond\NetID (i.e. Richmond\ab1cd)
    Password Your network password
    Use secure connection (SSL) Yes
    Accept All SSL Certificates Yes
  4. Once the server is configured, you may choose different account options and press Next.

    Account options

  5. Name the account and press Next.

    Name the account

  6. On the Security update pop up, press OK.

    Security update

  7. Press Activate at the Activate device administrator window.


  8. After a few minutes your email should begin to roll in.

If you have any issues with the account setup, visit our Exchange settings to complete the configuration manually.

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