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Encrypt Emails in Outlook 2010 & Outlook 2013

For Windows users the process of encrypting a message is simple. You will be automatically enrolled for a certificate when you log onto your computer. This certificate is used to send messages with digital signatures. Its associated private key is used to decrypt encrypted messages that have been sent to you.  The certificate and private key will follow you on the network and be available on any Windows computer that you use to logon. There is no need to manually import and export certificates when using different computers.

Note: The process for encrypting messages in Outlook 2010 is shown below, however the process is very similar for encrypting messages in Outlook 2013.

Encrypt Individual Email

  1. In Outlook, open a new email message. 

    new email

  2. Select the Options tab and click on Encrypt. This step will encrypt this email. 

    options encrypt

  3. For users who do not have the Encrypt Option showing, open up More Options. 

    more options

  4. In the Properties window, click on Security Settings...

    security settings

  5. Place a check mark by Encrypt message contents and attachments. Click Ok and then close out of the properties window. Your email will now be encrypted. 

    encrypt messages

Encrypt All Emails

  1. In Outlook, click on the File tab and select Options

    outlook options

  2. Select the Trust Center option and then click on Trust Center Settings...

    trust center

  3. Select the Email Security option and then place a check mark by the option of Encrypt contents and attachments for outgoing messages. Click OK. This will encrypt all emails sent from your account. 

    encrypt emails

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