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Reporting an OnBase Issue

If you have a problem with OnBase, first review the FAQ below and the available User Guides.  If your question is not answered then contact the ECM team at  Please include in your email:

  • the exact time you experience an error,
  • copy-paste the error details,
  • a screenshot,
  • and include a brief description of what you had tried to do (the button/menu you clicked, and about how long it had been since you last saved or displayed a document).

If you do not receive a response to a critical issue within a reasonable period of time then call the AdminSys Team phone number (804) 457-8747.

Frequent Issues/Questions

My password isn't working

OnBase uses the same username and password you normally use to login to your computer. If you can log into your PC then your password should work. Please check to make sure there isn't a typo and you don't have CAPS LOCK on. If you still have problems please contact the IS Helpdesk.

I can't edit or save a form or document.

The document is locked if the "Save Form" button is disabled or you can't edit text fields; read further to unlock the document.
Illustration of disabled buttons.

If you are using the Web client then right-click on the document and then left-click on the context menu item for "Keywords."  If you get a notice popup that the document is locked then it will also say who has it locked.  Your next step is to email or call that person and ask them to unlock it.
Keywords context menu item.

If you are using the Unity client then you will see a padlock in the top right corner of the document viewer. Hover your mouse over the padlock and a message will pop-up telling you who has locked the document. Your next step is to email or call that person and ask them to unlock it.
Example padlock on a locked document.

How do I watch memory usage so it doesn't get too high?

This 80 second video provides instructions to keep your memory usage in check. Watching your memory usage in the client will help prevent slowness, freezing, and unresponsiveness.

How do I find out what queue a file is in?

Use the Retrieve functionality to find the document you need. Right click the document and choose "Workflow" then "Workflow Queues" from the context menu, this will tell you what queue the document is in, if any. You can also right click the document and choose "History" from the context menu to learn how the document progressed through workflow.

Our scanner or printer isn't working.

Please try to scan or print from Microsoft Paint (a standard application on all PCs). If you can scan/print contact the ECM team, if you can't then contact the IS Helpdesk.

Where are the User Guides?

The User Guide is available from this website; use your netid/password to access the documents.  You can also review the training material here.

The client updated automatically and now won't start.

First ensure you've completely exited OnBase (even using the System Tray or Task Manager) and then restart OnBase. If this does not work then contact us. You should not need to reboot your computer.