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Dial-In Access with Windows XP Home

Here are the dial-up instructions for computers using Windows XP Home Version using the University of Richmond as the ISP.

  1. Click "Start," and then click "Control Panel."
  2. Control Panel appears, under Pick a category, click on "Network and Internet Connections."
  3. Once Network and Internet Connections appears under Pick a task, choose "Create a connection to the network at your workplace."
  4. When New Connection Wizard appears, click on the radio button for "Dial-Up connection." Then click "Next."
  5. Under ISP Name insert "U of R." Click "Next."
  6. Type the access number "282-2077" in the Phone number. Click "Next."
  7. Check the box "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop." Click "Finish."
  8. Close Network and Internet Connections.
  9. When the Connect U of R panel appears, type your NetID in User name box. In the Password box type your U of R password. Click on "Properties."
  10. When the U of R Properties appears, on the General tab make sure that the Use dialing rules and Show icon in notification area when connected. Click "Dialing Rules."
  11. If you have call waiting or any other controls on your phone line, click "Edit." If not, Click "OK" and go to step 13.
  12. If you have call waiting, check "To disable call waiting dial" and in the pulled down box to the right choose "*70." Click "OK" twice until the U of R Properties appears.
  13. Click on "Networking." Make sure there are checks in the following boxes: Internet Protocol, Client for Microsoft Networks, and (gray) QoS Packet Schedules. Click "OK."
  14. Click "Dial."
  15. Once the connection has been established, click on your browser to search the Web.

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