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Installing Malwarebytes

If you were directed to this page because of an infection, or if you believe that your computer is infected with malware, please follow instructions below to install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and clean your computer. Please contact the Helpdesk at 804-287-6400 if you have any questions or problems with running Malwarebytes. 

  1. Navigate to click on the link to download and run the free version
  2. Once downloaded, Setup will run. Choose your language and press OK. 

    Choose Language

  3. At the welcome screen, press Next. 

    Welcome screen

  4. Read and accept the License Agreement and press Next. 

    Accept license agreement

  5. Press Next on the Information screen. 

    information screen

  6. Press Next at the Destination Location window. 

    destination location

  7. Choose your Start Menu preferences and press Next. 

    start menu preferences

  8. Choose which icons you would like and press Next. 


  9. Review your install options and press Install. 

    install options

  10. When setup is finished completing, UNCHECK "Enable free trial of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO".

    uncheck box

  11. Once the Malwarebytes database finishes updating and the program launches, choose Full Scan and press Scan.

    full scan

  12. At the Select Drives window, select all drives except your CD drive and press Scan. 

    select drives

  13. A full scan of Malwarebytes should begin. The scan could run for a few hours depending on how much data is on your hard drive. 


  14. When the scan completes, click OK and the Show Results to view the results of the scan. 

    scan complete

  15. Check all items that Malwarebytes found (to select all, right click anywhere and choose Check All). Click Remove Selected.

    remove threats

  16. Depending on what was found, Malwarebytes may need to restart your computer. Press Yes to complete cleanup and restart your machine. 

    possible restart needed

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