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Configure VPN on Android Devices

Note: This app is only supported on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or newer. 

  1. Navigate to Google Play and download AnyConnect VPN. Choose AnyConnect ICS+ and follow the prompts to install the app. 

    navigate to google play

  2. Once AnyConnect is installed, open the app and accept the EULA (End User License Agreement), then tap Add New VPN Connectiong. Enter the information below in the fields as shown: 
    Description: urvpn
    Server Address:

    New vpn connection

  3. Once urvpn is configured, navigate back to the main screen and tap on the menu button in the top right to access Settings. 

    access settings

  4. Under Settings, uncheck "Block Untrusted Servers" and press the back button. 

    uncheck block untrusted servers

  5. To connect to the VPN, tap on urvpn. Click continue if the "Security Warning: Untrusted Certificate" pop-up appears. Enter your NetID and Password and press OK. 

    connect to urvpn

  6. Click Accept on the VPN User Information window and check the "I trust this application" box to complete the connection. You should now be connected to the VPN and a key will appear in your taskbar. 
  7. To disconnect, return to the AnyConnect VPN app and toggle the AnyConnect VPN switch to Off. 

    now connected

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