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BlackBerry Usage Policy and Agreement


The purpose of this policy is to define the standards, procedures, and restrictions for the procurement and ongoing use of BlackBerry devices intended for use with the University of Richmond's networked resources. This policy addresses all of the components that make up Blackberry "support" at the university, including (but may not be limited to):

• BlackBerry-branded and/or licensed handhelds
• BlackBerry Enterprise Server software
• BlackBerry Desktop Manager software
• Wireless voice services associated with BlackBerry devices
• Any related components of network infrastructure used to provide connectivity to the above
• Any third-party hardware, software, processes, or services used to provide connectivity to the above

The policy applies to any BlackBerry and/or Research In Motion (RIM)-manufactured or licensed hardware and software that could be used to access university resources, even if said equipment is not a university asset.   
The goal of this policy is to manage the use of University resources in a secure and cost effective manner while protecting University systems and data from unauthorized use or exposure.


This policy applies to all University of Richmond faculty and staff members that are currently using, or wish to use, BlackBerry-based technology to access the university's data and networks via wireless means.

All new hardware, software, and/or related components that provide BlackBerry-related connectivity and services for University of Richmond users will be managed by Information Services. The installation and/or use of BlackBerry-related hardware, software, and/or related components not approved by Information Services, are not allowed. In order to provide reliable and secure service, Information Services will support and provide access and e-mail redirection from the Blackberry Enterprise Server. Desktop redirection is not supported or allowed.

This policy is complementary to any previously implemented policies dealing specifically with network access, wireless access, and remote access to the enterprise network.

Eligible Users

All University of Richmond faculty and staff requesting a BlackBerry device or BlackBerry services that will be paid for with University funds must go through an application process. The individual must fill out an application form outlining the job-related need and what level of service the employee is requesting. The application must be approved by the employee's dean, division vice president, or designate. The completed application should be submitted to Kathy Monday, Vice President for Information Services.

University faculty and staff may use privately-owned BlackBerry-branded equipment for business purposes. In this case, the Information Services department must approve the specific handheld and connection type as being compatible, secure, and protected. However, the IS department cannot and will not provide technical support for third-party wireless hardware or software, or any other unapproved remote e-mail connectivity solution.

All expense forms for reimbursement of costs incurred for the use of BlackBerry-branded access for business purposes must be submitted to the appropriate unit or department head. Financial reimbursement for BlackBerry-branded access is not the responsibility of the Information Services department. Any BlackBerry services contracted for without going through the University's approval process must be paid for with personal funds.

Program Costs to the Department/User

All BlackBerry users that wish to be connected to the University's Exchange E-mail Server will be charged a $10.00 monthly fee. This fee applies regardless of which service provider is selected by the user. This fee is assessed to cover expenses and the cost of the individual client license for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. This fee will appear on the monthly departmental billing statement (listed by user extension) from the Telecommunications department.

Eligible users may purchase BlackBerry devices and services through the University's telecommunications department, which is currently partnering with Cingular Communications, and offers a variety of voice and data services plans. As with the client license fee, the costs associated with the device and the service plan will appear on the monthly departmental billing statement from the telecommunications department. In addition, each user acquiring BlackBerry-based services through the telecommunications department will be assessed a $5.00 monthly administrative fee. It is the responsibility of the employee to replace University owned devices that have been lost or damaged.

For details on available plan types and costs, please contact the telecommunications office.

Policy and Appropriate Use

  1. It is the responsibility of any University of Richmond faculty or staff user who is connecting to the University's network via a BlackBerry-branded device or service to ensure that all components of his/her wireless connection remain as secure as his or her network access within the office. It is imperative that any wireless connection, including, but not limited to BlackBerry-class devices and service, used to conduct university business be utilized appropriately, responsibly, and ethically. Blackberry users are subject to the University's responsible use guidelines.
  2. Employees using BlackBerry-branded devices and services for remote wireless access will, without exception, use secure remote access procedures. This will be enforced through strong passwords in accordance with the university's password policy. Faculty and/or staff users agree to never disclose their passwords to anyone.
  3. Information Services recommends that users apply new passwords after every business/personal trip where university data is being utilized over a BlackBerry-licensed or branded device, or when such a device is used for personal Web browsing
  4. All BlackBerry-branded equipment and devices used for business interests, whether personal or company-owned, must display reasonable physical security measures. Users are expected to secure all handhelds and related devices used for this activity whether or not they are actually in use and/or being carried.
  5. Prior to initial use or connecting to the University's network, all BlackBerry-branded and licensed hardware, software, and related services must be registered with Information Services. No university employees or contractors will make modifications of any kind to university-owned and installed wireless hardware or software without the express approval of Information Services. This includes, but is not limited to, split tunneling, dual homing, non-standard hardware or security configurations, etc.
  6. The BlackBerry-based wireless access user agrees to immediately report to his/her manager and the university's Information Services department any incident or suspected incidents of unauthorized access and/or disclosure of company resources, databases, networks, etc.
  7. Information Services reserves the right to turn off without notice any access to the network that puts the company's systems, data, users, and clients at risk.
  8. Any questions relating to this policy should be directed to:
    Doug West  
    Director of Telecommunications, Media Support and User Services
    (804) 287-6588

Revision History

Version Revised Date Author/ Editor
1.0 June 30, 2005 Doug West Initial policy created.
1.1 May 18, 2010 Melody Kimball Revision history added.