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Alternate Ways to Access Box

There may be some situations in which the web browser and Box Sync access methods are not optimal. The two main use cases we have seen include:

  • large one-time migration of content to Box (especially those in which the web browser method fails);
  • the need to access your Box content via software applications on the local computer but without the storage constraints of having the content all stored locally (as would be done with Box Sync).

These can be achieved by using FTP and/or WebDAV apps and creating an external password in your Box account. Please note that these methods are not fully supported by UR Information Services since security is managed between you and Box directly. Further, some members of the Box customer community have reported individual and/or intermittent issues with this method so mileage may vary.

Step 1

Set an external password in Box : The "Box external password" is a different password from your UR NetID's passphrase and will allow "external access" to your Box account for those third-party apps such as FTP and WebDAV. Since your UR Box account is used for University business, some of which may contain FERPA-protected or other sensitive information, it is required that you follow the same level of security when creating and maintaining your UR Box external password. Please use the Password Policy page to guide you in creating a strong password.

Step 2

Choose your alternate method for accessing Box:

  • Accessing your UR Box Content via FTPFTP (file transfer protocol) is a technique for moving large numbers of files and/or folders to and from computers and servers. It is effective for large amounts of material, but as suggests, it it not recommended as the primary means of accessing your UR Box content. FTP requires an FTP client app of your choosing (Filezilla and Cyberduck are popular free tools).
  • Accessing your UR Box Content via WebDAVThe most common need for using WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) would be to access your UR Box content on the local computer as if it is being stored locally (but is not). Windows, Mac, and Linux OSs all have the ability to use WebDAV to work with UR Box.