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Box Request for External Collaboration

Box @ Richmond MAY NOT be used to store or transmit files that contain credit card information. However, Box CAN be used to securely store and collaborate on practically any other type of academic or business-related information. Box @ Richmond is FERPA compliant. Box has powerful collaboration features and just as with email, we are each responsible for what we share and with whom. The use of Box @ Richmond is governed by University policies and applicable laws. Your use of this service constitutes your agreement to read and abide by these policies and associated restrictions. For questions, contact

Enable External Collaboration for Departmental Box Folder

This form should only be submitted by the co-owner of the Department Box Folder. Please note that by requesting external collaboration for the Department Box folder, a separate folder for the Department will be created specifically for External Collaboration. The co-owner(s) will be contacted within one business day via email when the "External" folder is created. 


E-mail Address: 


I understand that any content placed within this folder will be accessible outside of the University and therefore should NOT be used for storage or transfer of confidential or restricted information as defined by the University's Data Security Policy as well as the University's External Party Data Transfer Policy

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