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Departments and Student Organizations

Departments and Organizations have the ability to request access to network resources, such as email, calendars, mailing lists, department Box folders, and webfiles.

Departmental Services

Information Services offers four types of shared collaboration resources to assist campus administrative and academic departments.

Shared e-mail address

Departments often use this service as a public point of contact address, for example Messages sent to the address are delivered to a central location, a Public Folder in Outlook. The messages can be viewed and managed by multiple individuals within the department.

Shared Calendar

In addition to mailboxes, Outlook Public Folders can also store shared calendars. Departments make use of these calendars to track events and schedule resources. Calendars can be configured as "read only" for certain individuals, with others in the department having the ability to manage updates.

Mailing list

An e-mail distribution list that is used to facilitate group discussion or as a means of distributing announcement to a large number of addresses. Unlike a shared e-mail address, messages sent to a mailing list address are not delivered to a central location, but are instead delivered to each individual e-mail address that is a member of the list.

Shared Box folder

A shared location for storing departmental files.  

Managing Shared Email Address and Calendars

Once a new shared email address or calendar is created, the manager for that shared item is able to added and remove users. 

Student Organizations

Student Organizations that would like to access network resources for the organization, such as email, Box, webspace, and a listserv address, must request these resources through OrgSync for their organization. Once approved by the Center for Student Involvement, we will be contacted to create the resources. 

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