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An e-mail distribution list that is used to facilitate group discussion or as a means of distributing announcement to a large number of addresses. Unlike a shared e-mail address, messages sent to a mailing list address are not delivered to a central location, but are instead delivered to each individual e-mail address that is a member of the list.

This form is used to request the creation of a new mailing list.  The e-mail address for the list is limited to 10 alphanumeric characters with no spaces. The string "-list" will be appended to the requested list name in order to identify this e-mail address as a list. For example, requesting a list name of "MyList" will result in a list e-mail address of "".

New Mailing List Address:

NetID of Requestor: 

University of Richmond department responsible for mailing list:


Should list membership be open to everyone, or should membership require approval from the list administrator?


Should e-mails sent by list members be immediately distributed to the list, or should they require moderator approval before being released?

ModeratedNot Moderated

Should the archive of past mailing list postings be publicly accessible to everyone, or should they just be restricted to list members?


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