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Account Expirations

Student Computer Accounts

Account expiration occurs when the Office of the Registrar marks their record as being inactive or they are no longer enrolled in University classes. Computer accounts for Undergraduates and Law students automatically expire 70 days (10 weeks) after the student's status becomes inactive. Graduate and School of Continuing Studies students are set to expire 105 days (15weeks) after their student status becomes inactive.

Consideration for May, August, and December Graduates

Students who have applied for graduation are treated as active students—even if student status is inactive—until their degree is conferred or rejected. Student's that are graduating, will still retain access to their email accounts for life, however, they will lose access to other network accounts, such as Blackboard, Box and Webfiles. Conferred graduates' accounts are set to expire on the following dates:

  • May graduates: August 1 of the graduation year
  • August graduates: November 1 of the graduation year
  • December graduates: June 1 of the graduation year

Employee Computer Accounts

Computer accounts for Staff will expire upon termination of employment. Staff who are retiring, have the option of setting up an email forwarding on their account. Computer accounts for non-retiring faculty will expire sixty (60) days after termination of employment. Retired faculty retain their network and email accounts. Computer accounts for terminated employees who have an active student status will expire according to the rules for student accounts (see above).

  • Employees who are separating from employment at the University, should go through the Separation Checklist.

Other Notices

Accounts may be set to expire at any time for cause at the request of the Human Resources Office, the registrar, or the deans. If a student or employee regains active status before their accounts are terminated they will retain access to the accounts.

Death of an Employee or Student

As soon as the authoritative department (HR for faculty and staff, registrar for students) marks the person inactive or deceased, the accounts will be considered expired.

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