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Guidelines, Rules, and Regulations

  • Members of the Richmond community are personally responsible for their online activity. The online community is an extension of the physical campus, and, as such, members are expected to abide by University policies and represent themselves honestly.
  • Members have control over their personal information and choose what information they share via the network. Any information you choose to post may be viewable to other members of the community.
  • Members have the right to communicate in a hate-free environment. Any discussion, comments or private messages that detract from the University’s commitment to modeling an inclusive campus community will result in members being prohibited from using the University’s data environments.
  • When displaying or publishing photos on Web pages or other public forums you have a responsibility not to compromise the privacy of individuals who are identifiable in those photos. As a rule, photo releases are not required for candid photos taken in public areas. However, an organization or any member of an organization, has the right to request that a photograph be removed if it the organization or a member who the photograph to appear on the Internet:
    • Is lewd.
    • Displays illegal activities.
    • Is contrary to the rules and regulations of the organization.
  • Organizations or members of organizations who consistently post inappropriate photos will have e-stuff permissions revoked.
  • Avoid personal attacks. E-stuff forums are excellent places to highlight successes, promote and celebrate events. Appreciate other people’s points of view and always remain respectful.

* Additional policy information provided on the Information Systems web site.

E-Stuff Request Form

Full Name of Organization:

President of Organization:

President's NetID:

President's E-mail:

Advisor of Organization:

Advisor's NetID:

Advisor's E-mail:

Requested Organization ID*:

*This is the NetID for the organization. It will not change once established and will be used for e-mail address, listserv address, and Box.

Additional Option

Email address - University of Richmond e-mail address of the form for my student organization to use for outside correspondence. This is the Google Group for the organization.

  • Who should be members of the Google Group? (full names)

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