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Mapping Webfiles in Windows 8

Note: If you are off campus while trying to mount webfiles to your computer, you must connect the VPN first.

  1. Open File Explorer and click Map Network Drive in toolbar.

    file explorer

  2. Setup the folder  you want to map by entering the full address (substitute the path shown below for the path you are wanting to map) and check both boxes as shown below. Click Finish
    • Note: If you are using a University of Richmond computer, you do not need to check the Connect using different credentials option.

    enter path

  3. At the Windows Security popup, enter in your NetID and password and click OK (EnteringRichmond\before your NetID is unnecessary if your computer is a University of Richmond Machine).

    enter credentials

  4. Your folder should now be mounted as a network drive.

    webfiles is mapped

  5. To setup a desktop shortcut, right click and choose Create Shortcut.

    create shortcut

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