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IS Alert: Targeted Gift Card Scam


There is a new scam circulating campus that appears to be targeting faculty.  The messages appear to be coming from a faculty member to a colleague with the subject of: “Are you on campus?” “Good Afternoon,” or “Available?”  If the attacker receives a response, they will ask for help with something important yet unable to take a phone call.  If the exchange continues, the attacker will ask for gift cards and offer to reimburse the recipient tomorrow in the office.  The attacker is impersonating faculty members by creating Gmail accounts in their name, e.g.…Pat Faculty,  They are also scraping photos, titles, and department information from the University website to enhance the ruse. 

This is a phishing gift card scam and not part of any phishing exercise conducted by Information Services.  If you receive such a message, please forward it as an attachment to