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Telecommunications System Upgrade

08/03/18 - 08/05/18

Beginning Friday evening, August 3rd, and lasting through Sunday, August 5th, the telecom team will be upgrading the telephone system to the newest software and hardware versions of the Avaya Aura Communications platform.  Most of this work will be done behind the scenes, with very short, periodic, interruptions to telephone service.  While we will complete the majority of the upgrade by early Saturday morning, we expect to continue testing of the new system throughout the weekend. 

Although your existing extension numbers and mailbox numbers will remain the same, as part of the upgrade process the old Audix voice mail system will be replaced with a new integrated voice mail capability that is built in to the Avaya system.   Extension 8999 (or 289-8999 from off campus) will still connect you to the voice mail system, and the prompts that you are familiar with in terms of recording greetings, setting up alternate out of office messages, etc., will still work the same.    However, the upgrade process does not allow us to move your existing greetings, or saved messages, over to the new system; you will have to record those greetings as new.    This is true of both personal voice mailboxes and department 

When accessing either your personal or department voice mailbox for the first time, you will need to go through an initial setup that includes recording your name prompt, setting your mailbox password, and setting up a personal greeting.   Department voice mailbox greetings must also be recorded as new.    Easy to follow instructions for this initial setup may also be found on our website at 

The telecom office will maintain the old Audix system for 30 days.  During that time, you may log in to the old system to listen to messages that may have been left on Friday, August 3rd, or any old messages that may be in your mailbox (nothing older than 14 days is saved by the system currently).   This is also an opportunity to reference old greetings.   Access to the old Audix system will be via extension 5096, or 662-5096 from off campus.

If your department has an auto-attendant that answers calls and allows users to be routed to extensions or mailbox locations, those auto-attendant recordings will be handled by the telecom team, and will be in place when the upgrade is completed.    

If you have any questions regarding the planned upgrade process, including the changes to voice mail, please contact the Telecommunications office at extension 6500, or at