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Retiree Accounts

Effective May 2018

To enhance security and compliance of University data as well as treat all retirees in a consistent and equitable manner, the University is updating computing benefits enjoyed by retirees. We are pleased to announce that upon retirement, faculty and staff will receive the following computing benefits: 

  • A new Google email account for life using your existing email address
    • Includes unlimited file storage in Google Drive!
  • Access to University of Richmond Library online resources

Access to all other University provided computing systems (e.g. Banner, Blackboard, Box) will be disabled upon retirement. 

Existing Retiree Accounts


To prepare for this transition, Information Services will create Google email accounts for existing retirees on May 1, 2018

NOTE: If you currently have an account in Exchange, Information Services will automatically migrate your old emails to your new Google email account on May 1st. Any new emails that are sent to your address after May 1st will be sent to your new Google Email account.

To access your new Gmail Account, you can log in to using your NetID and network password. If you would like to set up your Gmail account in your mail client on your computer or smart device, you can follow the device setup instructions found here: 


If you are a retired faculty member that currently has a University-provided Box account associated with your address, it will be eliminated as of July 2, 2018

If you have personal files in your Box account that you wish to preserve, you can move them to your new Google Drive storage space or to a personal Box account created with a address. Please do not wait until the last minute if you wish to preserve any of your personal files currently stored in Box. 


If you are a retired faculty member that currently has a University-provided personal web site at, it will be removed as of July 2, 2018. Any personal files in your public_html directory will be automatically moved to your Google Drive space prior to the July 2, 2018 expiration date. If you would like to maintain a personal web presence, you might consider one of the following personal web site hosting providers, none of which are explicitly recommended or endorsed by the University of Richmond: 


If you have questions or want assistance updating the email client on your personal devices or preserving personal files stored in Box, you can schedule an appointment with a representative at the Helpdesk from May 1 - June 29. To schedule an appointment, you can either email or call the Help Desk at 804-287-6400

It is possible that the Help Desk representative may be able to answer your questions over the phone and you will not need to schedule an appointment. The representative will be able to make that determination within a few minutes. If it is recommended that you come to the Help Desk for assistance, location and times available for Help Desk appointments are as follows: Jepson Hall (ground floor) from 1:00pm-4:00pm (Mon-Fri). 

When making an appointment to come to the Help Desk, please remember to bring your personal computer and any devices on which you receive email (e.g. mobile phones, tablets), and plan to stay with your machine while the work is being done.