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Blocked Attachments

As a security measure, the University's firewall blocks certain file extensions in e-mail attachments.

If you wish to send or receive an attachment that is on our block list, you or the sender will need to rename the file.

To do this, change the attachment's file extension to something ambiguous so that it will pass through our gateway (i.e., change the name of the file from "myfile.exe" to "myfile.zzz"). Once the file is received, save it to your computer and change its extension back to its original type.

With the file extension changed to ".zzz," Windows will not know how to open the file, thus rendering it useless (and harmless) until you or the recipient change its extension back.  

The AV software reads into .zip files and will block files with those attachments, so zipping the files will not solve this issue.

File Extensions Currently Blocked at Our Firewall

(ad ade adp app asd asf asp
asx bas bat bi[fn] cab ceo cil
cgi chm cmd cnf com cpl crt
dll drv eml exe fxp hlp hta
hto ica inf ini ins isp jse*
lib lnk mad md[abez] mhtml msc msi
msp mst mtx nws ocx pcd pif
prf prg reg scf scr sct sh
shb shs sys url vb vba vbe
vbs vcs vxd wmd wms wmz wsc
wsf wsh xnk

This list is subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk.

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