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Email Encryption

Information Services has implemented the capability to encrypt individual email messages for faculty and staff whose mail is hosted on our campus Exchange servers. Users must explicitly choose to have a particular message encrypted. It does not happen automatically.

All faculty and staff who use Microsoft Outlook on Windows able to take advantage of this capability. Users of other mail readers may be able to encrypt messages if they have access to their certificate and if their client is S/MIME compliant. Message encryption is based on the S/MIME standard and makes use of certificates and public/private key pairs.

Note that encryption is only available when sending to other Exchange users on campus. To send an encrypted message to an individual off campus, you will need to obtain that user’s public key. This can be done with a simple exchange of email messages with digital signatures. Contact the Help Desk for additional information.

Configure Mail Client for Encryption

  • Outlook 2010 & 2013 
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Mac OS X
    • Mac users must first log onto a Windows computer in order to have their certificate generated. This certificate can then be exported and imported on the Mac for use in Outlook for Mac. Come to the Help Desk for additional information and assistance.
  • iOS Devices
  • Android
    • Due to the fractured nature of the Android platform we can not provide instructions for configuring e-mail encryption. Instead, please come the the Help Desk to have us check to see if you device supports e-mail encryption and configure it.

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