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Public Folder FAQs

I need to create a subfolder for a public folder inbox. Can I do this myself?

End users can not create subfolders to public folders themselves. If you need a subfolder created, please submit the Public Folder Subfolder Request form with the location for where you would like the subfolder(s) to live, along with the name for the new folder(s). 

Can I set up an autoreply on a public folder inbox?
Yes, If you would an autoreply set on an inbox, please send an email to with the inbox address and the exact text that you would like to use for the autoreply.
Can students have access to public folder inboxes?

Yes, students can be given access to public folder inboxes and calendar. Because an Exchange account is needed to be able to access public folders, the student will need to have this type of account created for them. The manager of the inbox can give the student access through Once the access is given, please contact the Helpdesk to get the Exchange account created for the student. 

Once the Exchange account is created, it will take about 30 minutes before the student will have access to set up their account in Outlook.  

Can I access public folders on my mobile device?

Public Folder inboxes can not be accessed on your mobile device. 

Public Folder calendars can be viewed through OWA ( on your mobile device if you had already previously added the calendar in OWA.