ERP / SIS Modernization Initiative

Image Source: Adapted from S. Bell, "Lean Enterprise Systems: Using IT for Continuous Improvement," 2005

What are we trying to do?

The University has been using Banner as its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Student Information System (SIS) for over 25 years. Our current version of Banner (8.x) is based on technology that will be deprecated by December 2018 and must be upgraded. University leadership is embracing this as an opportunity to evaluate and modernize University processes, skill sets, and systems to support the long-term strategic and operational goals of the University. Alignment of people, process, technology (and culture) are critical to the success of this initiative.

Why are we doing this?

  • Institutional systems, processes, and skill sets have not been comprehensively assessed in over 25 years and are not meeting current-day needs for some campus constituents.
  • Siloed approaches over the years have led to a proliferation of systems and complexity that negatively impact the cross-functional capabilities of the overall institution (e.g., governance, reporting, workflow) as well as our ability to serve our students.
  • It is believed that institutional process, data and system improvements can be gained by taking a fresh look at business requirements and comparing against available market solutions.
  • Improving institutional effectiveness and capabilities supports the University’s strategic initiative of “Stewardship in a Changing World.”


  • Phase 1 (3-4 months; Jan-Apr 2017)
    • Define desired process and system requirements (Business Process Analysis)
    • Install Banner 9.x "as is" in TEST environment
  • Phase 2 (9 months; Apr-Dec 2017)
    • Evaluate solutions (against defined requirements) and select appropriate path forward
    • Install Banner 9.x "as is" in PRODUCTION environment
  • Phase 3 (3 years; Jan 2018-Dec 2021)
    • Business Process Re-engineering
    • ERP/SIS implementation and training
    • Communication and change management


  • Steering Committee: Keith McIntosh, Dave Hale, Stephanie Dupaul, Scott Johnson, Lori Schuyler
  • Working Committee: Troy Boroughs, Tim Vest, Susan Galvin, Susan Breeden, Cindy Deffenbaugh, Marilyn Hesser, Mark Detterick, Carl Sorensen, Laurie Melville, Lindsey Love, Melanie Jenkins