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What to Expect During the Project Intake Process

  • Once a project request form has been submitted, a member of the IS Project Office will meet with you to gather additional information.
  • During the meeting the Project Intake Interview Form will be completed in order to gather and understand the necessary components for the requested project.
  • The notes from this meeting are sent to the requester to review as well as other members of the Systems and Networks management team.
  • Depending on the cost of the project the Procurement Office may need to be involved to review quotes or issue a RFP.  Please review the University's Purchasing Guidelines at and contact the Procurement Office if there are questions.
  • If an RFP is not needed, we may ask that the vendor answer technical questions in order to better understand the scope and technical requirements required. Generally the questions fall into these areas.
    • Hosted vs on-site installation
    • Components required for the system
    • Authentication methods supported
    • Integration requirements for the product
    • Security about the type of data being transmitted and/or stored
    • Installation and support questions
    • References
  • Decisions will be made regarding the feasibility and timing of the requested project.
  • Once a decision has been made to schedule the project, an IS Project Manager and project team will be assigned.