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If you have an emergency or problem with a current system or program and need immediate help, please contact the Help Desk at 804-287-6400 or

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Please fill out this form to request Information Services' assistance with any of the following types of support (check all that apply):

   1. Vetting and/or integration for “cloud-hosted” applications/data
   2. RFPs with technical components (software, hardware, data integration, etc)
   3. Purchase, replace, upgrade, integrate or provide software applications or data
   4. Purchase, replace, upgrade, or integrate computing clusters, servers, or appliances
   5. Store, share, or transfer large amounts of computer storage (> 100 GB)
   6. An IP address, DNS name, or a wired/wireless device to be connected to the network
   7. Computing facilities (a/c, power, UPS, protected floor space, etc)
   8. IS support (servers, programming, reporting, integration, IS security)
    9. Other  - briefly explain (required if checked) :  

Please provide details for your request, including names of relevant systems (if known)
and/or the type of IS support needed:

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Researching options
Choosing a product or RFP
Purchased a product or signed a contract
New process or report
Enhancement to an existing process or report

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Description of Process: Once your request has been submitted, you will be contacted within two business days to discuss your request.

Please note that requests for new software implementations or interoffice process workflows will be shared with a listserv of select staff from across campus with an interest in staying updated on upcoming projects that involve new software solutions or data flows.  This group seeks to provide feedback, suggestions, and/or questions as early in the process as possible when upcoming projects are expected to have upstream or downstream impacts.