A student working on his computer

Registration Technology Succeeds

December 19, 2023
In the wake of the fall student registration period, Information Services celebrates a significant technical victory. The Systems & Networks team, in a concerted effort with the Registrar’s Office, has successfully managed an unprecedented surge in server traffic, particularly from the sophomore class, during this critical time. 
We acknowledge those students who faced the disappointment of not securing their preferred class schedules. We understand that behind every login is a student whose academic journey is shaped by these outcomes. 
The task of orchestrating Banner, akin to conducting an intricate symphony, involves complex algorithms and real-time data management to ensure equitable access to course registration. For this semester, our technical backend performed flawlessly under the pressure of record-breaking traffic, a testament to the meticulous planning and execution by our dedicated IS professionals and the staff of the Registrar’s Office. 
Collaboration has been at the core of our success. The synergy between IS and the Registrar’s Office has ensured that, despite the high demand for certain classes, the system remained stable and responsive, allowing thousands of students to register without technical hitches.