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ClearPass Installation for Mac OS X

  1. Log in to the  Software Download page with your Netid and password. Click on ClearPass OnGuard for Mac OS X.

    Software download page

  2. Click on ClearPass OnGuard for Mac OS X.

    Click on link to download

  3. When you are prompted to open the download file, click Save File.

    Save File

  4. Double click the file in the downloads window.

    Double click download

  5. Double click the ClearPass volume that is now on the desktop.

    double click the volume

  6. In the next window that appears, double click to open the installation package.

    double click installation package

  7. Click Continue to allow the software to be installed.

    Click continue

  8. Click Continue to start the Install.

    Click continue

  9. At the License agreement, click Continue and then click Agree.

    license agreement

    agree to license agreement

  10. When you are on the Installation Type, click Install.

    click install

  11. Enter your computer password and click Install Software.

    enter computer password

  12. When the installation is complete, click Close. 

    Close installation window

  13. The ClearPass OnGuard window will then appear showing that it is collecting the health information about your machine (firewall, updates, and antivirus).

    Collecting health information

  14. When the health check is complete, if your system is healthy you will see a message like the window below. You should now be able to connect to urwin. If your system should come back that it isn't healthy, it will tell you what you need to do to pass the health check. 

    System is healthy

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