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ClearPass Installation for Windows

  1. Log in to the Software Download page with your NetID and password. Click on ClearPass OnGuard for Windows.

    clearpass for windows

  2. Click on ClearPass onGuard for Windows to download and run the client.

    download and run the client

    WINDOWS 8: On Windows 8 machines, you may receive a message about Windows SmartScreen. Click Run Anyway.

    Windows 8

  3. The ClearPass OnGuard Setup will launch. Click Next to continue.

    Click continue

  4. Accept the license agreement.

    Accept license agreement

  5. When Setup completes, press Finish to initiate a scan.

    Click finish

  6. When the health check is complete, if your system is healthy you will see a message pop up in your windows tray. You can also right click on ClearPass OnGuard icon and click on Restore to view more information.

    clearpass healthy

  7. If your system should come back that it isn't healthy (the icon in the system tray will appear as an exclamation point or red X), right click on the icon and click restore.

    right click on tray icon

  8. It will tell you what you need to do to pass the health check. For example, the image below reflects what ClearPass will display if you need to install Sophos antivirus. Once you install the antivirus, click on retry in the ClearPass window.

    clearpass unhealthy

  9. You should get the message that the Health Check passed.

    clearPass healthy

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