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Wireless Network Upgrade

Completed Spring/Summer 2017

Information Services replaced the campus wireless network in spring/summer 2017. It was a complex undertaking that began in March and continued through the beginning of August. All wireless access points (APs) in all campus buildings and outside were replaced. 

The project included wireless upgrades to 72 administrative, academic, and residential buildings as well as 23 outside areas around campus. We more than doubled the number of APs on campus, increasing from 1,287 to 2,665 wireless access points. The new access points utilize the latest dual-band 802.11ac wireless technology, supporting connections of up to 1.3 Gbps - more than 4X faster than our prior 802.11n wireless network!

Wireless Replacement Schedule

To provide a sense of the scope of this project, following is the deployment schedule that was developed in consultation with campus leaders and department heads.

Spring/Summer Wireless Replacement Schedule

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