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Backup Files Using External Device

Your computer can be backed up using an external device, such as an external hard drive or a flash drive. 

Follow the instructions below to manually back up files on your computer to an external device. 

  1. Connect your External Device (hard drive or flash drive) to your computer. 
  2. Navigate to your local Users folder. (C:\Users\Your username)
  3. Hold down CTRL on your keyboard to select the folders that you wish to back up to your external device. Once all of the folders are selected, right click on one and select "Copy".

    select all folders for backup

  4. Navigate to your External Device located under "Computer". Right click and select "Paste". 

    paste to external drive

Mac OS X
  1. Connect your External Device (hard drive or flash drive) to your computer.
  2. Navigate to your Home folder. (open Finder > Select Go > Home).
  3. Select the folders that you want to back up by holding down Command and selecting each folder.
  4. Once the folders are selected, hold down Control and click on one of the highlighted folders and select "Copy" from the list.

    select and copy folders

  5. Navigate to your external drive (located under Devices). Hold down Ctrl and click in the area and select "Paste Items". 

    paste in flash drive

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