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The University of Richmond now offers digital storage and collaborative space for personal data through Box@Richmond. The Help Desk highly recommends that each user backup their critical University of Richmond electronic data by uploading it to your Box account or saving it to an external drive.

Because University of Richmond users are "administrators" of their own computers, we encourage you to backup your system before making any configuration changes or installing/updating production software on your University of Richmond systems.

Options for Data Storage

Securing Sensitive and Critical Data

Sensitive data is defined as data that contains highly confidential business or personal information, social security numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, etc. Critical data would be defined as data this is essential to the operations of a business or academic unit. If you create or store sensitive or critical data on your desktop or laptop computer, please make arrangements to lock and store your computer or storage device in a safe place. We further recommend encryption software to protect your data. All University of Richmond portable Macs and PCs are encrypted. Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions about securing your sensitive or critical data.

Centrally Managed Backups

E-mail, Banner data, Blackboard data, and other centrally managed systems are backed up according to the University's backup policy.

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