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The Technology Learning Center

Hours of Operation

Effective 3/17/2020

The TLC is available remotely by email, phone, or through submitting a ticket to Services in Spidertechnet

The physical location in Boatwright is currently closed. Camera equipment is not available for checkout at this point in time.


Boatwright Library, Rooms 315, 317, and 320.   (804) 289-8777

University of Richmond community users can request appointments at TLC staff will respond within 1 business day.  

Poster Printing and Templates

The Technology Learning Center supports large format poster printing for University of Richmond credit-earning class projects and for conferences.  Faculty, staff, and students shall be responsible for creating their poster and preparing it to print using TLC guidelines. Appointments to print are required and users are expected to be involved in the printing process. Multiple copies or large quantity requests will be referred to the UR Print Shop where the user is responsible for the cost of printing.

The University of Richmond community is welcome to use the below templates.  Please adjust them to fit your needs.

Larger Symposium Posters

Smaller Posters