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New Employee In Existing Position

If your department has a new employee that is replacing someone, the new employee is to use the incumbent's computer.

New Employee In a Newly Created Position

If your department has hired a new employee to fill a new full-time position, Information Services will provide a standard computer system. It is best to contact the procurement office as soon as the candidate accepts the position. Generally, it takes 10 business days from the time of purchase to installation of the new system.

New faculty that have been hired to start in a fall semester will receive their computer no earlier that August 1. This is primarily due to the heavy work load that we experience during the May, June, and July each year.

If the new position requires computer equipment or software that fall outside of the published standards of the university, we will be happy to meet with department representatives to address these special needs. However, individual departments may be required to pay for some of the extra costs incurred.

Computers purchased for full-time employees are considered primary computers and will fall under the three-year replacement program.

Grant, Chair, and Teaching Award Funds, Program Improvements

If you or your department received funding for technology equipment purchases, Information Services can assist you in the process of selecting the right equipment, depending on your specific needs. We recommend that the final purchase is coordinated through our Procurement Office. This ensures you will get the best available pricing and a quality product with proper warranty coverage that is tracked and received efficiently.

For grant purchases and procedures, please also refer to the grants accounting Web page.

With the exception of program improvements, computers purchased through these programs are considered secondary computers and will fall under the secondary computer replacement process.

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