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Hardware Configurations and Asset Management

Hardware Configurations

The University has equipment standards for laptops and desktops in order to provide each user with the best support possible. While our standard configurations meet the needs of most users, we also recognize that some users may require a more customized configuration. Please contact the IS Procurement Coordinator if you have any questions regarding a custom configuration.

Asset Management

Life cycle management of our computer assets enhances administrative procedures in a way that gains control of the operational environment, facilitates new technology implementation, and reduces the total cost of ownership. The end result provides a technological environment that meets the demand of the students, faculty, and staff for increased productivity and achievement of goals.

Computer Identification

Every computer on campus is classified into one of four categories:

Primary computers: Computers that full-time faculty or staff members use on a daily basis to do their work. Primary computers are replaced every three years.

Primary/Managed Computers: Lab, classroom, and public computers that are available for faculty, staff, and student use. Managed computers use a utility to protect the computer configuration from changes. Each time the computer is restarted, it resumes the original configuration and any personal changes are not saved. These computers are replaced every three years.

Secondary Computers: Computers that are used by either part-time staff or faculty, adjunct faculty, students, or in some cases for faculty research. The secondary environment is mostly populated from computers that are returned back into inventory from our primary computer replacement process. Once returned, all data and software is wiped from the computer and a fresh software image is put onto these systems before being reassigned to another location on campus as a secondary computer

End of Life/Disposal

A computer that is returned to inventory and no longer meets the minimum configuration requirements is donated to charity/non-profit organization or is disposed of through a state licensed equipment disposal company.

The University does not donate systems to individuals, neither can employees purchase used computers. However, you do have the option to purchase the computer that is on your desk at the time of your retirement from the University.

When a faculty or staff member leaves the University to pursue other interests, they are required to return all computer equipment and peripherals that were assigned to them.

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