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Secondary Computer Request

A secondary computer is defined as a computer used for:

  • Public access for departments (PACs)
  • Student access for student employees (SAC)
  • Some designated labs
  • Student organizations
  • Spare parts

Although there is no formal replacement program in place for secondary computers, each summer User Services replaces many computers in the secondary environment. When a primary computer is replaced, it is brought back into User Services, cleaned and re-imaged, and put into the secondary inventory to be used as a secondary computer. This is contingent on the computer meeting minimum hardware configuration specifications.

Secondary computer equipment is loaded with a standard university software image. If it is necessary for specialty software to be loaded on this system, the department is responsible for purchasing a license for the software.

If you have a need for a secondary computer or if you would like to have your secondary computer replaced, you can submit a request to Stephanie Charles to be added to the secondary computer list.

Find out more about computer life cycle management at the University of Richmond.

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