The University of Richmond provides several computer configuration options for faculty and staff members. Whether users prefer a Mac or PC, or a desktop or laptop, we can meet those needs provided the choice is consistent with the users position and department requirements. Each year, one third of the campus computers are replaced as part of our asset management life cycle. In addition to the primary computer that a user receives, a secondary laptop or desktop may be requested depending on the users need for the computer and the availability. Another resource that is available for faculty and staff who may need to travel, would be a loaner laptop rental from the Help Desk.

Purchase Hardware for Personal Use

Vendor discounts are also available for faculty, staff, and students interested in purchasing Windows or Mac OS. Attronica Computers is a local computer retailer with a location on campus in Jepson Hall G18 and sells Lenovo Computers. For those interested in Macs, users can qualify for an educational discount directly through the Apple Store for Education.


The University of Richmond provides a standard image for all University-owned computer systems. If you are bringing your own computer to campus, review the University's standard software to help keep your computer experience consistent with the University community. Additionally, the Help Desk supports and provides specialty software [as a department purchase] if required for a specific job function.

Software for Personal Use

Faculty and Staff interested in purchasing various software programs, including Windows and Office, can visit JourneyEd.com for discounts on software. Faculty, Staff, and Students can now install Microsoft Office 365 for free on up to five personal devices.

Software Updates

Software updates are an important part of maintaining a computer system. By regularly updating your computer systems, phones, and tablets, you are helping to protect the device against security vulnerabilities while also making sure the software stays current. More information about how software updates are managed can be found in SpiderTechNet.


Because University of Richmond users are "administrators" of their own computers, we encourage you to backup your system before making any configuration changes or installing/updating production software on your University of Richmond systems. More information about Data Backups can be found in SpiderTechNet.

Computer Labs and Campus Resources

Students, faculty and staff have a number of options for public computer lab access throughout campus along with printing available in all computer labs. Members of the University can also set up their personal Macs and PCs for wireless printing to the public printers on campus.