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Computer Purchase at Retirement from the University

Upon retirement, faculty and staff will be allowed to purchase the desktop computer and monitor that they are currently using in their University office. Retiring faculty and staff members are allowed to purchase only their office computers. Other recycled computers are not available for purchase. Retiring faculty or staff interested in purchasing their computer should contact Stephanie Charles within 30 days of their last day of employment. This timeframe is necessary to provide you with the best possible service.

The price of the computer and monitor will be set annually according to the current fair market value. Pricing is based on the desktop hardware configuration at the time the computer was purchased. Computer peripherals are not included in the price of the desktop and monitor; however, if the retiring employee wishes to purchase peripheral equipment that is attached to their office computer prior to their final year at the University, (such as personal printers), Information Services will provide that fair market value pricing upon request. The operating system software will be included in the price of the computer purchase, but no other software applications will be included (i.e. Office, Adobe products, etc.).

After completing the purchase, retirees can make an appointment with a Help Desk technician to schedule a time for the reconfiguration of their computer. When your computer is reconfigured the technician will work with you to save any necessary files to a disk or the network. The computer will then be wiped cleaned and left with the operating system. If you have decided to purchase software applications, the technician will load these applications for you if you have the media and license.

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