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Cost: $4.99

NOTE: Any cost associated with an app is not covered by the University of Richmond, but paid for by the user. Apps are associated with your user account (i.e Apple ID, Microsoft Account, Google Account), not your device.


iOS 6 or later on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch - Download


Public Folders is an app that allows you to connect to shared public folders, inboxes, and calendars that you would have permissions to through Microsoft Exchange.

Configure Public Folders: 

NOTE: To connect to your netfiles from off campus, you must first connect to VPN from the device. 

  1. Purchase and install Public Folders from the App Store.
  2. Open Public Folders and fill out the required information in the Settings:
    • Email: your email address
    • Username: your netID
    • Password: your network password
    • Domain: Richmond
    • Server:
    • Version: Autodetect

    enter credentials

  3. Press Done and tap the refresh icon in the bottom left corner of the app to initially load your public folders.

    done and refresh

  4. All your public folders, including shared calendars, should now be listed. 

    view public folders

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