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Maximizing your iPad's Potential

If you are using your iPad for work or productivity, below are some resources available to help you work better with your iPad. The University of Richmond's Use of Technology policy applies to the use of iPads. 

Getting Connected

One of the first things you’ll want to do with your iPad is connect to the urwin wireless network and configure your iPad for email access. Here are some easy instructions to get online and plugged into your email.

Working Remotely

If you’re off campus, you’ll want to connect to the VPN in order to access campus resources like Bannerforms or webfiles remotely. Also, if you are away from your computer, you can use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect directly to your desktop. 

Getting Work Done

While there are several productivity oriented apps available on the App Store, the following are a list of apps that we support and recommend you use. 

Microsoft Office Suite: Please note that the Microsoft office Suite is free to install and use to view, create, and edit documents, but you must have an Office 365 subscription in order to use the full office versions of OneNote, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Google Suite:

Saving Files

You may wish to save your files to a cloud storage resource like Dropbox. Below are a few apps that we have tested and support.


It is important to make regular back-ups of your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod). In case something would ever happen to your device, this is very important so that you have a way to restore your files back to the device. 

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