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NoMAD is a utility for your Mac that will help you better manage your University of Richmond network Password. NoMAD will be deployed to all University Macs beginning April 18. Once NoMAD is installed on your Mac, you'll see the application running in the menu bar.

With NoMAD, your Mac, Box Sync, and WiFi password will automatically sync when your network password changes – even if you're wireless. No more Ethernet required! In addition, NoMAD will give you quick access to Webpass to easily change your password, Self Service to install new applications, and the Helpdesk website for tech support.

Use NoMAD to Change your Password

*If you are off-campus, please connect to the VPN before changing your password. 

  1. Click on the NoMAD icon in the menu bar and select "Change Password". This will open up Webpass, where you can sign in with your NetID and current password and then change your network password. 
  2. Once the password is changed, click on the NoMAD icon in the menu bar, and a prompt will appear that the password was changed and you will have the option to sign in. Click on "Sign In" and enter your new network password. 
    nomad prompt
  3. If your computer is encrypted with FileVault, you will need to restart your Mac and login with the old password. You will then be brought to a sign in window and you will be able to log in with your NetID and new network password.
  4. If you use programs like Outlook, Apple Mail, or Calendar where the old password was stored, you will have to update those applications with your new password. Any other devices like your smartphone or tablet will also need to be updated manually.