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Updates for Mac OS

Apple releases OS updates several times a year as well as regular security updates and updates for Apple applications, like iTunes and Safari. These updates are reviewed and tested by the Helpdesk, and then released to the University community.

Beginning Fall 2018, the latest Apple software and security updates will be required on all University Macs. Your University Mac will be checked by our management server for updates once a week. If there are any updates available, you will be prompted to either install the updates or defer them until the next week. If any updates are deferred, they will automatically be installed the following week. For any updates that require a restart, you will be alerted and have 24 hours to restart your Mac to complete their installation.

Below is an example of the prompt that you will see alerting that you need to update: 

mac updates prompt

I deferred updates for a week the other day but want to install them now instead of waiting for them to automatically install, how can I do that?

All updates you have deferred can be found and installed in the App Store under the Updates tab.

I got the pop up telling me updates are available, but how do I see what updates are going to be installed?
You can see all updates that will be installed in the App Store under the Updates tab.