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Office 2016 FAQ

NOTE: A large portion of the changes in Office 2016 are related to collaboration with Office 365. Office 365 is not the University Standard at this time. 

New features with Office 2016 can be found here:

How can I disable Lync from starting automatically when I turn on my computer?

By default, Microsoft Lync is set to start automatically when you login to your computer. If you want to disable this feature, you will need to change the settings so that it doesn't start automatically. 

  • Click on Tools in the menu bar
  • Select Options
  • Uncheck "Automatically start Lync when I log in to Windows"
Where is the Office help feature located?
There are multiple ways that you can find help with the different Office 2016 products. One quick way to search for a feature would be to type in the "Tell me what you want to do..." search area in the Ribbon. You can also open the Help viewer window by clicking F1 on your keyboard.
How do I create a signature in Outlook?
  1. Open a new email message. 
  2. Under the Message tab, click on "Signature" > "Signatures..."
  3. Under "Select Signature to edit", click on "New" and enter a name for the signature. 
  4. You can then edit the signature in the bottom section. 
  5. Under the "Choose Default Signature", you can make various selections for when you want the signature to be used.