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Information Services has implemented LastPass, an online password manager, used to store and manage passwords.  It is a digital vault that keeps all your website logins organized and safe. LastPass can also create new passwords, fill out online forms, alert you about weak passwords, and more.

As a benefit, we are able to offer LastPass Premium to students, staff, and faculty for personal password management.  Please be sure to create your LastPass premium account using a personal address and avoid using your University password as the master password for your LastPass account.  The master password or passphrase should be unique and considerably difficult as it protects your other passwords and any account information stored in LastPass.

We recommend following these best practices when using LastPass:

  • Use the password generator to make sure every password is unique and strong
  • Create a long, strong master password. To make it long but memorable, consider making a “passphrase”, like: TealBrick2PumpedLunchSkiing!
  • Never use your master password as the password for any other account, including your University account
  • Never share your master password with anyone, including LastPass

Visit to create your free LastPass Premium account.