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LastPass Frequently Asked Questions

What's the value of using LastPass?

LastPass securely stores all your passwords and automatically logs you into your online accounts. It even completes all the checkout and shipping forms for online shopping when you store your address, phone number, and credit card to a profile. Other benefits include:

  • A password generator tool to help you create strong, unique passwords for every site.
  • Saving time with autofill (hands-free login!)
  • No more forgotten passwords
  • Better protection for your corporate and personal data with strong, unique passwords
What happens if I forget my master password?

If you go to log in and cannot remember your Master Password, please follow the steps outlined here:

Enterprise users only:  Prior to deleting any account data, contact the Help Desk and they may be able to reset the password for you.

Why is LastPass safe?

LastPass employs a 'zero-knowledge' model: all sensitive data is encrypted locally at your device with a key that is never transmitted to us, the host. As such, even under government subpoena, LastPass could ever only turn over an encrypted blob with no key. This serves to protect your data from internal and external threats alike.

What's the difference between LastPass Enterprise and Premium?
LastPass Enterprise is a managed version of LastPass for faculty and staff that allows Information Services to reset master passwords, disable or delete accounts upon request, and integrate with directory services.  LastPass Premium is the commercial version of LastPass that is available to the public for purchase (free to faculty, staff, and students) and is used for personal accounts.
How do I get a LastPass Enterprise account?

Contact the Help Desk to request a LastPass Enterprise account.  You will receive a welcome email from LastPass with instructions on how to get started and activate the account. The Help Desk will install the browser extension for you or you can do it yourself from here:

How do I get a LastPass Premium account?

Visit to request a LastPass Premium account.  You will enter your in the first field, select the appropriate option, then enter the email address you would like to use with the Premium account. 

Faculty and Staff should use a personal email address, such as,, etc. to use with the Premium account.

What if I already have a LastPass Premium account with my Richmond email address?

You can still upgrade that account to an enterprise account by submitting the enterprise request form. You will receive an email with the option to use your existing LastPass account to join. Click on the link in that email to upgrade to the Enterprise account. 

If you were using the lastpass account for personal password storage, we recommend creating a new LastPass Premium account with a personal email address that you can then link to your LastPass Enterprise account. 

I use a different password manager. What should I do? Why did you choose LastPass?

You may continue to use a different password manager personally, but for your work-related credentials we would like you to use your LastPass Enterprise account which has been vetted by our security team and offers advanced security features that are important to the safety of our corporate data.

Can I use LastPass on mobile?

Yes, LastPass supports every major smartphone and tablet, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile devices. More information is available here:

What if I already use LastPass?

Great! We recommend you coninue using your personal LastPass account and request a separate Enterprise LastPass account for work. You can login to your Enterprise account and "Link" your personal account, so that you have access to both sets of data while logged into your Enterprise account. Linking ensures that your personal data remains private to you and will convey with you should you leave the University.

Does the University see the data in my personal LastPass account?

No, if you use a separate LastPass account for personal passwords, and even if that account is “linked” to the Enterprise account for more convenient access, the University does not have any visibility into the contents of that account or your use of that account.

How do I link a personal account to an Enterprise account?
Once your personal account is linked, it will appear as a sub-folder for your Sites and Secure Notes in your Enterprise Vault. Your personal account is treated as a Shared Folder between your personal and Enterprise accounts, and is subject to the same restrictions and properties therein.

  1. Log in to your LastPass Enterprise account and access your Vault.
  2. In the left menu of your Vault, click Link Account.
  3. When prompted, enter your personal account email address and Master Password.
  4. Click Link Account.
  5. If your Enterprise account is enabled for Multifactor Authentication, you will be prompted to authenticate.
  6. Once authenticated, your LastPass Vault will refresh and "Link Account" will no longer be displayed as a menu item in the left navigation, and your Sites and Secure Notes entries will be displayed as a folder listed as your personal account's username with "Linked Personal Account" displayed in the right navigation.