Understanding Data Privacy

In the age of social media and e-commerce, individuals are feeling an increasing lack of control over their personal data. However, there are steps you can take to learn about the types of data you’re generating online, and how it’s collected, shared and used. Follow these basic privacy tips to help you better manage your personal information and make informed decisions about who receives your data.

Value Your Personal Information

Personal information, such as your purchase history, IP address, or location, has tremendous value to businesses – just like money. Make informed decisions about whether or not to share your data with certain businesses by considering the amount of personal information they are asking for, and weighing it against the benefits you may receive in return.

Social Media Can Last A Lifetime

There is no such thing as undo or delete when it comes to sharing content online. Information posted to social media may be reposted several times within seconds and the owner no longer has control over it. Ensure you are sharing only what you intend to share. Online posts can last a lifetime and may have effects beyond what was intended or expected.

Keep Tabs On Your Apps

Many apps ask for access to personal information, such as your geographic location, contacts list and photo album, before you can use their services. Be thoughtful about who gets that information, and wary of apps that require access to information that is not required or relevant for the services they are offering. Delete unused apps on your internet-connect devices and keep others secure by performing updates.

Manage Your Privacy Settings

Check the privacy and security settings on web services and apps and set them to your comfort level for information sharing. Each device, application or browser you use will have different features to limit how and with whom you share information. Get started with NCSA’s Manage Your Privacy Settings page:https://staysafeonline.org/stay-safe-online/managing-your-privacy/manage-privacy-settings/

Please view below video showing how taking control of your data privacy can affect your Facebook experience.

Data Privacy Day is January 28th. Visit the Univeristy of Richmond's Data Privacy Day site to be #PrivacyAware