Computing Accounts

All active students, faculty, and staff are provided access to the University's computing facilities. All users are automatically assigned a unique network identity (NetID) upon activation of their computing accounts. This NetID provides access to a variety of University services and systems, depending upon your status.

The University of Richmond has an Acceptable Use Policy that you are agreeing to when you activate any and all of your computing accounts and it is recommended that you read and understand these policies.

The campus-wide information services available to you may include:

In addition, each student will be given print credits to be used for printing in classrooms and labs as well as libraries that are managed by Information Systems (see Printing Policy).

Termination of Accounts

Your computing accounts are available to you as long as you are designated as an "active" student, faculty, or staff at the University. A student's status ("active" or "inactive") is determined by the Registrar's Office, whereas the status of an employee is determined by the Department of Human Resources. If your status at the University becomes "inactive," your computing accounts will be terminated after a predetermined amount of time. See Account Expiration Policy for further details on how long your computing account may be available for use once you are designated as "inactive" at the University.

Organization and Department Accounts

Official University organizations as well as administrative or academic departments may request an e-mail mailbox and/or Web site to facilitate operations and communications for that particular organization/department. This may be preferable to having an organizational e-mail or Web presence that is tied to a particular individual (who might someday leave the University). Please see Organizational Accounts for more information on how to request such an account.

Conference and Guest Accounts

Conferences, non-credit classes, and visitors/vendors to the University that require the use of computer facilities or Internet access can request short-term computing accounts (please see About Affiliate, Volunteer, and Contractor Accounts for more information).

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