IS Helpdesk Loaner Laptop Program

The program supports the needs of full time faculty and staff members that require the use of a University owned laptop computer for a limited period of time. Program parameters include –

  • Laptops are available for checkout only if they are in inventory.
  • Laptops are available for periods of one day to a maximum of two weeks. They must be returned on time in order to maintain acceptable inventory levels.

Laptops may be checked out for the following reasons –

  • Business travel
  • Specific work related assignments that require the use of a laptop computer, when no other computer is available to the user
  • Campus Event / Seminar needs – limit of two systems per event

If you require a loaner laptop, but feel your needs don’t match the criteria referenced above, you may e-mail the Helpdesk at

Available Systems:

  • Windows Laptops
    • Windows 7
    • University standard software installed along with SPSS and Adobe Acrobat
    • Sensitive material should not be stored on the loaner machines for University security purposes. However, Bitlocker drive encryption is available upon request.
    • All data will be erased upon return to helpdesk
  • Macbook Pros
    • Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.9
    • University standard software
    • All data will be erased upon return to helpdesk


  • To reserve a laptop, call the helpdesk at 287-6400 or email
    • Provide us with your name, the dates that you will need the laptop (from the day you will pickup the computer to the day you will return it, two week maximum), the purpose of your request for the laptop, and the type of laptop that you prefer (Mac or Windows).
  • Stop by the Helpdesk to pick up the laptop on the 1st day of your request.You must log in to the system while it is on the University of Richmond network so the system can create a local account. (This is a security feature to prevent people from accessing your data.) The Helpdesk staff will assist you with this process when you pick the system up.
  • DO NOT Carry the laptop in your suit case; please use the carry case provided by the University of Richmond, and treat it as “carry on” luggage when flying.
  • You must follow the University of Richmond policies regarding the use of technology and information resources. This includes the use of confidential and/or sensitive information.
  • Return the laptop on the agreed date.
    • If the return of the system is overdue, you will receive ONE overdue notice. Subsequent requests will be sent to the department manager or chair.
  • All profiles on the machine will be deleted by the helpdesk upon return, please remove personal and work data off before return.