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Conference Calling Cards

CenturyLink Reservationless Conferencing

Meet anytime, anywhere. Reservationless Conferencing, CenturyLink's audio conference solution helps you get more done in your workday. Interact with up to 300 colleagues, customers and partners from across the globe at a moment's notice with no operator involvement. Your personal audio conference meeting room is available 24/7 and is accessible from any location. Contact to request a CenturyLink Reservationless Conference Card.

Conference Calling From Your Office Phone

The conference feature of the University's phone system allows users to call two other parties.

How to make a conference call:

  1. Call the first party.
  2. After the first party answers the call, press the CONF button.
  3. Dial the next extension or telephone number (whether on or off-campus, use the regular dialing procedure).
  4. After the second party answers the call, press the CONF button again.
Audio Conference Phones for Meetings and Webinars

To request a conference phone set up for your meeting or webinar, contact and provide the following details.

  • Location of the meeting.
  • Date and time of call.
  • Number of people participating in the call.
  • Is the call local or long distance?
  • If participants are calling in, please remember to ask for the conference phone extension.
  • Any long distance charges will be applied to the requestor's admin bill the following month.
Calling Cards for Travel

Employees who travel frequently on official University business may obtain a Qwest or AT&T calling card from Long distance charges incurred on travel calling cards are applied to the assigned user's campus extension..

Travel cards are permanently assigned to each user, cannot be reassigned to another user, and are cancelled when the employee leaves the University.

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