Information Security

Information Security is a shared responsibility. The Information Security staff is responsible for helping the University of Richmond community protect information resources by building security awareness and having the appropriate security controls in place. This includes minimizing risk in new and existing system deployments, providing information on vulnerability mitigation, and assisting with security updates. Information Security coordinates with other departments for several activities including incident response, vulnerability scanning, and security consultations.

Current Policies and Standards

Information Services policies and guidelines may be viewed on the IT Policies page. Information Security Standards may be viewed here.

January 22-28 is Data Privacy Awareness Week!

Join us in celebrating Data Privacy Week and learn about important tips and resources you can use to protect your data both at work and at home. Your data is precious, and you deserve to be selective about who you share it with! Use the Security Awareness & Education resources on this site to learn about how you can protect yourself and others from bad actors online.  Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility - See Yourself In Cyber!




Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (mfa) is a security process that requires more than one method of authentication to verify a user’s identity. Learn more about mfa here.


Phishing Awareness

Many phishing attacks are seasonal or event driven. With current global events, and it being tax season in the U.S., scammers are hard at work. Discover ways to to protect yourself from these phishing attempts here.