MISO Survey 2023

The University of Richmond is among the more than 180 colleges and universities (including 34 of the top 50 liberal arts colleges and 19 of 31 schools on UR’s Information Task Force Peer List) that have participated in the MISO (Measuring Information Service Outcomes) Survey since its debut in 2005. 34 of the top 50 liberal arts colleges (US News) and 19 of 31 schools on the University’s Information Task Force Peer List have also participated. Additional information about the survey is available at the MISO website, www.misosurvey.org.
The MISO Survey provides a framework to assess the frequency of use, importance, satisfaction, and knowledge about library and technology services at an institution on the part of students, faculty, and staff. The survey also provides comparative data that can be used to put the results of an individual institution into context, and provides the opportunity to as if results at Richmond are typical among comparable colleges, or whether they stand out (positively or negatively) in any particular way.
The results allow us to understand the satisfaction levels for faculty, staff, and student users.
For 2023, the faculty response rate for Richmond was 32.1%. The staff response rate was 37.4%. The student response rate was 42.8%. The results of the 2023 survey were generally very positive.
Overall, our services & resources are considered important across the board for faculty, staff, and students. For faculty, and staff, no areas were found to be less than somewhat satisfactory. For students, only one item was found to be less than somewhat satisfactory, and that is the performance of the wireless network. This item was at the bottom of faculty and staff satisfaction lists, while still coming in the range of somewhat satisfied.
Information Services has been planning an upgrade of the wireless network to be completed by August 2024. This upgrade will see every wireless access point indoors and outdoors replaced by a new access point. New access points will also be added to the campus, improving the availability of wireless everywhere on campus.
Charts of the 2023 results for faculty, staff, and students are available.