Student Employment

Help Desk Student Assistant (HDSA)

Works with Help Desk Staff. Responsibilities include: assisting Faculty, Students and Staff coming to the walk-up, providing information to users as requested, creating tickets for users and participating in asset moves/inventory. Part of the time will be spent in computer-related training to advance their troubleshooting skills and knowledge, as well as ability to help users. They are advocates of SpiderTechNet as a tool to improve computer literacy and awareness.

Help Desk Student Consultant (HDSC)

Works at the walk-up and also assists with hardware/software issues, including repairs. Acquiring a variety of tools through training and hands-on experience, they assist Help Desk Staff in working through complex issues. On occasion, they go on site to deliver/install devices such as peripherals. As advocates of SpiderTechNet, they are capable of walking Faculty, Students and Staff through a variety of complex processes and guide them to the most suitable resource to solve their troubles.


Help Desk Student Manager (HDSM)

Supervises work schedules as well as performance, while also working on complex troubleshooting with Help Desk Staff. They help training new student employees through the basics and also provides guidance to all students working at the walk-up, evaluating their performance and recommending promotions. Advocates of SpiderTechNet and computer literacy, they will work with Faculty, Students and Staff during back to school campaigns and also submit any proposals created by our students to the Help Desk staff.