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MacOS High Sierra

Apple will be releasing its new desktop operating system, High Sierra, on September 25th. While the Help Desk has been testing the beta version, we do still have more testing to do.  Learn more.

Learn About the New Box Web Interface

Box has released a new web interface that will soon be required for all Box users worldwide. Get a quick introduction and overview about the new interface before August 1.

Learn more.

Computer Replacement

Information Services has a three-year replacement program for primary desktop/laptop computers (Apple and IBM compatible). This refresh process enables the University to replace personal computers at a pace that keeps up-to-date with changing technology. Once replaced, all old primary personal computers will be returned to Information Services and used as secondary computers.

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2017-18 Hardware & Software Standards

The University of Richmond provides several computer configuration options for faculty and staff members. Whether users prefer a Mac or PC, or a desktop or laptop, we can meet those needs provided the choice is consistent with the users position and department requirements.

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I.S. News & Alerts

09/14/17 Potential Phishing Scams Related to Equifax Data Breach: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released an alert on scams related to the Equifax data breach.

09/08/17 Equifax Cybersecurity Breach: Equifax announced a cybersecurity incident (breach) involving consumer information

08/17/17 Wireless Network Upgrade CompleteInformation Services will be performed a complete replacement of the campus wireless network this spring/summer.



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